Sed and Eric Together and Laid

These two are together… for an interview. It’s day two of Sinners week and under the microscope we have Sed and Eric. Today’s giveaway includes e-book versions of Backstage Pass and Rock Hard,… Continue reading

Sinners Week

This week the guys (and girls) of Sinners are visiting the blog As the Pages Turn. There will be fabulous giveaways all week, so stop by there each day. Today there’s an interview… Continue reading

This Saturday Is Gonna Rock

I’m having deja vu. I posted a post with the same title about six months ago. This can only mean one thing. I have another book signing at Village Books! Check out the… Continue reading

Consolation Prize

Well, that didn’t go so well… I lost. But I’ll post this, because I love you anyway. Call me a liar or a softy. Whatever. From Jace’s book. The first draft. No sex… Continue reading

I’m Having a Fan-Frickin-Tastic Day, TYVFM

I missed blogging yesterday. I didn’t have anything to say. I guess I was saving it up for today! I’m uber excited! First, I just found out that Backstage Pass is a finalist… Continue reading

Two Chances to Win Rock Hard

The day job. It’s trying to kill me. Thus the reason why I’m posting my blog after 4 pm. As soon as I post this, I’m going to go do more work for… Continue reading

Rock Star Weddings

Today, my guest blog is over at Love Romance Passion. I’m talking about Rock Star weddings. There’s a giveaway for Rock Hard, too. Rock Star Weddings with giveaway! Ends May 6. Who exactly… Continue reading


Last week I posted a graphic that the awesome and talented Heather made to represent Brian Sinclair. Here’s the one she made for Sed. Viva Las Vegas, baby! This totally makes me want… Continue reading

Grilled About Sex

That basically sums up the focus of my interview today. Sex. Giveaway and Interview You can win a copy of Rock Hard for commenting. Ends 4/29. I’m not feeling very well today. I… Continue reading

Wanna Get Wet with Trey?

I had a great day of writing, yesterday. I wrote about 3,000 words. I probably should have written more, but I got distracted by some things. I also line edited the first half… Continue reading