Hottie Hump Day 94

It’s Hump Day! And it’s cold. Yesterday, I was sitting on my deck in shorts and barefoot. Today, its long pants and sweaters! Or maybe we can turn up the heat with some… Continue reading

New Music this Monday and Fan-Tastic Fridays Winners!

Happy Monday! There are a few new songs I want to share. All That Remains – What if I Was Nothing <– playlist material for sure! Avenged Sevenfold – Shepherd of Fire <–… Continue reading

Fan-Tastic Fridays #5

Yay! It’s Friday. I thought yesterday was Saturday for some reason, but apparently it wasn’t… At last week’s Houston Book Rave, I had a great time forcing fans of my books to pick… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 93

It’s a wet and wild hottie hump day.   I hope you don’t mind getting a little wet.     Or a lot wet.     Happy hump day!

Winners Fan-Tastic Fridays #4 and THE END OF MY WRITER’S BLOCK!

I was a bit too busy this morning to put together music for Monday. I could have stopped and goofed around on YouTube for an hour searching for tunes, but I assumed you’d… Continue reading

Fan-Tastic Fridays #4

Happy Friday! I hope your Halloween was fun. I can’t believe it’s already November. Each November, I participate in an event called NaNoWriMo–National Novel Writing Month. Basically, thousands of people attempt to write… Continue reading

Hottie Hump Day 92

Hmmm, I think I’m in a role play kind of mood or something. Naughty biker. Naughty college student. Naughty butler. (yeah, I’m making this shit up as I go…) Naughty boss. Naughty firefighter.… Continue reading

Sinners at the Altar Update

Remember when I said to hope for an October release? Wellll, sorry to get your hopes up. It’s obviously not going to happen. I’m now shooting for November. I’m really struggling with writing… Continue reading

Music Monday and Fan-Tastic Fridays #3 Winners

I feel like some Three Days Grace this morning. Considering that they end up on every playlist I create, you can probably tell they are one of my favorite bands. This is “Never… Continue reading

Fan-Tastic Fridays #3

It’s Friday. Woohoo! (actually feels like a Saturday to me, but the calendar assures me it’s Friday…) We’re having a Sole Regret giveaway this week. Well, I’m not actually giving the band away.  I’m… Continue reading