Sinners on Tour Reading Order

Because the books were released out of order, I often get asked, “In what order should I read the Sinners on Tour series?” Well, that depends on how much spoilers bother you. Each book is a stand alone, so you won’t be completely lost if you read them in any order, but if you want to avoid all spoilers and read them in the correct chronological order, the order I wrote them in, and the order I intended for them to be read in (not their release order-which is wrong!), here it is!

Book 1 – Backstage Pass (Brian Sinclair’s book)


Book 2 – Rock Hard (Sed Lionheart’s book)


Book 3 – Hot Ticket (Jace Seymour’s book)


Book 4 – Wicked Beat (Eric Sticks’ book)

Wicked Beat

Book 5 – Double Time (Trey Mills’ book)


As for the other question I get on a daily basis, “Why did you release them out of order?” I did not. That was the publisher’s decision.