Backstage Pass Available for Preorder!

I wondered when it would finally “sink in”.  The whole getting published thing.

Getting the call was exciting and overwhelming, but it didn’t feel like all this exciting stuff was really happening to me.  It was more like a dream about someone else, so I kept expecting to wake up.  “Psyche!  We were just messin’ with you.  Greatest practical joke evah!”

Getting the publishing contract in the mail?  Don’t get me wrong, that meant a lot.  I was excited and it felt legally legitimate, but it still didn’t feel real.

Getting a sneak preview of the cover?  Okay, I admit.  I almost hyperventilated over that one.  It’s amazing to see how someone else envisions your work visually.  And the cover is so fun and sexy, I can’t wait to show it off.

The advance check?  Wonderful!  I did buy myself a small present and joined RWA, but no, that wasn’t the moment it sank it.

It struck me as real, when a friend informed me, off-hand, that my first novel is now available for pre-order on Amazon.  I immediately searched for “Olivia Cunning” on Amazon and… there it was.

My novel – Backstage Pass.

Listed on

For sale!  It has an ISBN and a page count and a publication date and everything.  Seriously?  Wow!

I’m not sure why that was my trigger.  Maybe because it’s so public and when I go to Amazon and search again, it’s still there.  That means this has to be real.  Right?

I can’t wait to hold the actual book in my hands.  I better stock up on tissues and small paper bags.