Mega Makeover Spectacular

This winter has been rough for me.   

I don’t tolerate cold well.  It’s been bitterly cold all winter.  No breaks from the cold.  Not even one day.   

I despise snow.  Mostly because it’s cold, but also because it makes leaving the house a chore and driving a nightmare.  I’ve had hip high snow drifts in my front yard since November.  I think there’s some dead grass buried under there somewhere, but I wouldn’t know.  Haven’t seen it in five months.   

I thrive on change.  Always have, and this winter has been one giant rut for me.  I needed a change.  In a big way.   

So what’s a girl to do?  Get a makeover.  Well, basically I got a new hair cut and color.  WHOA, what a difference.  People didn’t even recognize me at work today.  So what do you think?   

Here’s a before picture:   

Before Picture

Olivia Cunning Before


 And here’s after:   

After Picture

Olivia Cunning After


 Who is that trendy blonde woman?  Hey, when I say “change”,  I mean “CHANGE!!!”.  What did you think I meant?  That I got a trim? 

And guess what?!  It snowed again today.  Groan……..