The Summer Concert Season

Well, it’s about time for the summer concert season to get into full swing.  And can I just say… FINALLY!  Living in the middle of the corn belt, the shows are few and far between, so you take what you can get.  But honestly I’d rather drive a few hundred miles to see a show.  Why?  Let’s just say, folks in these parts are a bit “stiff” and hypercritical and, well, a real drag at concerts.  I always have more fun when I go to shows in Omaha or any other “metropolitan” city.  I mean, while attending concerts at the local venue (25 miles north), I’ve heard more than one singer (on stage, mind you) ask concert attendees why they are sitting on their arses during  a rock show.  Or if “fans” do stand, they just cross their arms over their chest and kind of watch, as if they’re bored.  Do they know how to behave at a rock concert?  Erm… no.  They act like they’re watching the local high school band.  Complete with fingertip clapping after each song.  Fingertip clapping?!  Give me a break.  I’ve been asked snidely if I was “having fun” by some chick sitting on her arse (*insert me standing, rock fist in the air, a tad bit of head-banging involved) behind me.  Well, I was having fun until you opened your mouth, you lame beotch.  Cue her boyfriend repeatedly spewing beer all over the audience in front of him (while continuing to sit through the entire show).  Yes, thank you, jerk.  That’s a good time there.  I came to this show for a beer shower.  Music optional.  Not!  Go to a bar if you came for the sole purpose of drinking and being a dick.  Seriously.

I digress….

So who’s in the line-up for local* shows this summer?  *local is relative (if it’s within 400 miles, I consider it local) 

Korn.  Great band.  Love them!  They do an awesome show.  But I saw them less than a year ago.  I’m probably going to forgo this one, because it’s soooo local and I saw them recently and I’m not keen on the opening bands.  (Yes, I often go to shows for opening bands.  That’s where I fell in love with Powerman 5000 and many eons ago… Whitesnake)

Buckcherry.  Again.  I saw them a year ago, too.  Not a favorite band of mine (in concert), but the opening band line up is awesome, and the show is in Lincoln.  I’ve never attended a show in Lincoln.  I’m hoping fans are on the wild side, because I’m going.  The opening bands are: Paparoach (I’ve seen them at least 5 times and they ALWAYS, ALWAYS rock), Chevelle (saw them a couple months ago as a headliner),  Sevendust (I’ve been wanting to see them.  LOVE their music.  woo hoo!), Drowning Pool (very anthem-y music, potentially great in concert, but I’ll reserve my verdict until after the show),  10 Years (who?), and Janus (saw them opening for Chevelle – love their song “Eyesore”).  So yes, want to go to this show.  For Sevendust if for no other reason.

Tool.  In Kansas City.  OMG, I hope I can get tickets.  They always sell out so quickly.  Love Tool.  Love, love, love Tool.  I have no clue who is opening for them and don’t care.  I saw them in Salt Lake City last year.  Drove over a thousand miles to see them.  Would do it again in a heartbeat.  This band is amazing.  They sound even better than their light show looks, and that’s saying something.

Styx, Foreigner and Kansas.  So this show won’t be metal.  If I attend, I’d be going back to my roots.  My dad raised me on this stuff.  I’m all nostalgic-y over this one.  And I won’t get ticked off at fans for sitting and fingertip clapping.  Which is likely to transpire since it’s local.  I haven’t decided if I’m going or not.  If my dad lived closer, I’d take him.  He’d love it.  And the first rock concert I ever saw was? ….Styx.  Waaay back in the late 70s.  Like I said.  Nostalgic-y.

Rockstar Uproar tour:  Avenged Sevenfold and Distrubed.  MUST GO!  I’ve seen A7X twice and Disturbed once before, and they rock!  *fangirl squeeing commences  Seriously, I think they came up with this line up just for me.  Avenged Sevenfold and Distrurbed.  Two of my favorite bands.  Live.  In concert.  Together.  I might just spontaneously combust with excitement at this show.  But I have to wait until late August?  Guys, you’re killing me, here.  Who’s opening for them?  Do I care?

Those are the concerts I know about as of right now.  I’m sure to add to my rock out to-do list by the end of summer.  I love the concert season.


So are you going to any concerts this summer?   Seen any great concerts lately (or not so lately)?