Searching for My Hero

30 more days…   

30 more days until my debut novel Backstage Pass is officially released.  I’m both excited and nervous.  And incredibly busy.   

Backstage Pass is the first novel in the Sinners on Tour series, which follows the adventures of a rock band.  Currently, I’m working on the website for the fictional band, Sinners.  Every self-respecting band, even a fictional one, has a website.  My first task is to find a picture of a guy that I can use for each band member.  I did have a picture I was using to represent lead guitarist Brian Sinclair, the hero of Backstage Pass, on my website, but… a) it doesn’t really look like him and b) the guy looks like he’s never held a guitar in his life and c) his high-beams are on.  It must be cold in there….   

My original Brian:   

Brian? Erm... no.


Do you see what I mean?  He’s holding a guitar, but he’s obviously NOT a guitarist.  The way he’s holding it doesn’t look natural.  Plus, he’s not half as gorgeous as I pictured Brian to be.  So I gave up the idea of finding a guy who actually looks like Brian AND is holding a guitar and started looking for Brian look-alikes san guitar.  It turns out it was not an easy task.   

I searched for hours for photos I could purchase and use on Sinners’ website to represent each band member.  I found some that were kind of close to being Brian look alikes and I was ready to give up ever finding anyone who really looked like him, when I found the one.  Brian.  In the flesh.  sigh…..  True the guy in the picture has light-colored eyes and Brian’s eyes are brown, but I’ll forgive him, because he looks exactly as I picture my hero (when he’s not on stage).   

Now that's more like it!


And I like the pose below even better. When I saw this picture, I was like, “That’s him.  It’s Brian Sinclair!”   

At last, I've found my hero.


Now go back up and compare this dreamy, drool-worthy hunk to the “original” Brian wanna-be.  See what I mean?  The first guy looks nothing like Brian.   

So now I just have to crop this down to make my band compilation picture.  Tomorrow, we’ll see what Sedric Lionheart, the lead singer of Sinners, looks like.  I found dozens of pictures of guys who look like Sed.  I guess because Sed has more “classic” good looks, where Brian is more dreamy.   

Myrna (the heroine in Backstage Pass) thinks Brian has a face that a sculptor would love to capture.  One that belongs on the cover of a magazine.   

What do you think?