Another Day, Another Sinner

29 more days…  

29 more days until my novel Backstage Pass is officially released.  Gah!  I’m so excited!  

Yesterday, I revealed the likeness of the yummilicious hero of Backstage Pass, lead guitarist Brian Sinclair.  Just in case you missed it, or if you need another dose of yum, have another look.  

At last, I've found my hero.


I’m still working on my fictional band’s website and trying to find pictures that represent each band member.  Sedric Lionheart is the lead singer of Sinners.  When trying to find a picture to represent Sed, I started with the one below.  Sed is a body builder and he wears leather. He has a few tattoos (though not these specifically), but this picture doesn’t show his face.  Anyway, here was my “original” Sed.  

Nice! But no face.


So I’ve been looking for a guy who has Sed’s face.  There were so many who were close, and I still didn’t find “perfection”, but the guy below is pretty close.  Sed has blue eyes not brown, for one thing.  And he covers those beautiful baby blues with sunglasses.  A lot.  He has to disguise himself from rabid fangirls. So here’s how I “almost” picture Sed Lionheart.  

Sedric Lionheart, except his eyes should be blue!


He’s the “hunky” type. A body builder. He tries so hard to be “cool” all the time, but occasionally you’ll catch him smiling like a “dipshit” (his words).  In the Sinners on Tour series, Sed has dimples.  This guy doesn’t, but he does the “dipshit” smile perfectly and that’s why I ended up choosing him to represent Sed instead of several other possible choices.   

Sed smiling like a "dipshit".


Myrna Evans (Brian’s heroine in Backstage Pass), thinks Sed’s smile could ice a cake.  Good thing she never said that aloud.  He never would have smiled in front of her again. Sed’s dimples are freakin’ adorable and he absolutely hates them.  

Whoops!  I accidentally walked in on Sed in the shower.  You shouldn’t peek.  

No, no. I mean it.  Don’t look.  

Sorry about that Sed. Ummmm..... What was I sorry about again?


Whoa!  Have mercy.  Though the face isn’t an exact match, the body…?  The body is spot on.  Sed is the hero of Sinners on Tour book 2, Rock Hard, which will be released April 2011.  But he has several important parts in Backstage Pass, so you’ll get to know him in the first book as well.  

All the guys in Sinners have several tattoos.  Do you think tattoos are sexy?  Do you have any tattoos?  I’m thinking of getting one.  Perhaps a temporary one will do.