Sinners’ Discography – The Reaper

26 more days… 

26 more days until Backstage Pass is officially released. 

In the beginning… Sinners failed. 

Today, I’m introducing Sinners’ first album, which will be included on their Discography page on their website.  I had to come up with some cover art and a list of songs.  I’m still working on the titles/text for the CD cover, but I found the image I’m going to use.  The album is titled: 

The Reaper 

The Reaper, Sinners first CD's coverart


Their first album was produced by a small independent label and was a total flop.  The band members had just graduated high school, so were all of eighteen/nineteen years old and Jace (their current bassist) was not yet a member of the band.  Sinners went on a self-funded “tour” in a paneled van and nearly starved.  In Backstage Pass, Brian refers to these early days in a conversation with Myrna.  I’ll also be adding these little historical tidbits to Sinners website, but really don’t dwell on them in the novels. 

The Reaper was a very dark album, but laid the foundations for Sinners’ unique sound.  None of the songs on this album became hits, so they don’t play any of them in their current concerts.  You won’t hear of them referred to in the books.  All of their hits are on their second and third albums.  The Reaper is just a little piece of Sinners’ history. 

The Reaper’s song list. 

1. The Reaper 

2. Death Becomes You 

3. Darkness Fell 

4. Last Days 

5. I Never Cared 

6. Surrender Your Soul 

7. Death’s Door 

8. Rules to Be Broken 

9. Gauntlet 

10. Tear It Up 

I told you it was dark. 

So how did Sinners succeed, if their first album was such a flop?  They had talent and a dream and they never gave up.  The struggle made them a better band.  These guys are like a family to each other and those early days solidified their bond.  That’s why Jace, their newest band member, has such a hard time finding his place.  But that’s a different book. 

Do you like a novel that reveals tidbits of the characters’ history?