Introducing Sinners’ Roadies

25 more days until Backstage Pass is released!  That’s a nice round number.

Having a great road crew is necessary for a band on tour.  They set up the stage, make sure all the equipment and effects are working correctly, help run the show behind the scenes, and then tear it all down and put it back in the truck.  They work really hard for the band and the band couldn’t function without them. While Sinners has more than three roadies, there are three that show up in every book, so I thought I’d introduce them.

First we have Dave, aka, the most normal-looking roadie on the planet.  He’s not just a roadie, he’s their front of house audio engineer (runs the soundboard during live shows). He also drives the tour bus and helps set up and tear down the drums.

It's Dave!

Next, we have Travis.  Travis is very fond of tattoos, body piercings and fire.  He’s in charge of stage set up and pyrotechnics.

Here's Travis!

Last, but not least we have Jake.  Jake is in charge of guitars and drives like a maniac.  I advise against letting him drive your vintage Ford Thunderbird, but if you need your guitar tuned, he’s your man.


These three are minor secondary characters, but I tried to give them each a unique personality in the series, since they recur.  Do you think minor secondary characters should be developed as memorable entities or do you prefer them to be background noise?