Our Comic Relief

24 more days until Backstage Pass is released and we get to meet our fourth member of Sinners today!

Eric Sticks is the drummer of the fictional band, Sinners.  You never know what’s going to come out of his mouth. He has no internal censor, which makes him a whole lot of fun to write (and read). He does tend to say the wrong things at the most inappropriate times, but he has a big heart, so he’s easy to forgive. I knew when I started looking for someone to represent Eric on Sinners’ website that I’d never find anyone with his hairstyle.  I was right. Here’s why.

The first time Myrna meets Eric, she can’t help but fixate on his crazy hair. Excerpt from Backstage Pass, Chapter 1 (read the entire chapter at this link):

[Myrna] took a deep breath to collect her scattered thoughts and forced her attention to Eric. She could look at him without getting all giddy, but found she couldn’t stop staring at his insane hairstyle—half-long, a center strip of short spikes, the rest of various lengths and just plain strange. A crimson, finger-thick lock curled around the side of his neck. Rock star hair. She stifled an excited giggle.

Eric dyes that crimson lock of hair a different bright color every 49 days.  Why?  You’ll have to wait until his book comes out in April 2012 to find out.  Yes, I am deliciously evil. I apologize for that maniacal laugh of mine.

So I couldn’t find anyone as lean as Eric is (he’s VERY tall), but this guy will do nicely. His face is good match.

Eric Sticks. The ruggedly handsome drummer.

Eric isn’t as “pretty” as the other members of Sinners. He’s handsome in an interesting way. Rugged features. Cleft chin. Easy smile. Beautiful blue eyes. If this model was a little bit more lanky and had thinner lips, he’d be a perfect Eric.  I really like the above picture, because it has a lot of personality–just like Eric does in the series. Of course, like all the Sinners, he can be incredibly sexy, too.


I had to get this next shot, even though it has a woman in it, because that smile SCREAMS Eric. The guy is always joking around. Sure he has a serious side, but you’ll rarely glimpse it.  He is, after all, our comic relief.

I love this expression. It's soooooo Eric.

And he’s cute, too!  I love a man with a great sense of humor. How about you?