For a Good Time Call…

23 more days until Backstage Pass is released!  Seems surreal. 

Speaking of surreal, today I introduce Trey Mills, the rhythm guitarist of Sinners. Last, but not least, Trey is the fifth and final member of Sinners.  And he’s Brian Sinclair’s best friend, so he shows up in Backstage Pass frequently (and is always trying to steal the show, the brat). 

Trey is my par-TAY boy and he’s so inherently naughty (and not afraid to show it), I dare you not to fall for his impish charm.  If you haven’t fallen for him by the end of Backstage Pass, you will by the end of book 2, Rock Hard.  And it’s not even his book!  Rock Hard is Sed’s story.  Oh, you’ll be falling for Sed, too. No worries.  Trey’s book won’t be released until October of 2012.  Doesn’t seem fair.  Especially, if you crave a little boy-on-boy action. And boy-on-girl. And boy-on-girl-on-boy. And boy-on-boy-on-girl. And any other combination you can come up with. Trey’s what I like to call “an equal opportunity lover”. 

What makes Trey, Trey (other than he’s so damned sexy)? He’s a pleasure seeker and he doesn’t mind sharing what he finds.  He’s genuine. You’ll see what I mean when you meet him in the books.  I’m just here to try to describe what he looks like.  I had to piece him together a bit. 

First, the hair. Jet black. He has an emo hairstyle. What does that mean?  Well, in his case, his bangs are always covering one eye, like so. 

The hair is perfect! The eyes? The face? All wrong.


Now, while the above dude has Trey’s hair (and he’s a nice-looking guy, don’t get me wrong), he’s no Trey Mills.  Trey has these sultry green eyes that will melt your socks off.  Then I found the guy below, who has Trey’s face and the eye-shape is right, but the color is wrong.  (Dang it!) 

Okay, take the above hair and put on this guy's face.


Yep, my socks are melting.  Wait, I’m not wearing any socks.  Below, we have the same guy (san the correct hair and green eyes) in profile.  This is TOTALLY, Trey’s face.  Well, how I imagine him, anyway.  The guy is also missing the 11 piercings, Trey has, but that point is moot. 

Yes, his eyes and his profile are perfect. Hair-wrong! Coloring-wrong!


Maybe I can find this guy and ask him to wear some green contact lenses, grow his hair out, and then ask him to stretch out like this on my bed and I can… 

…take his picture.  What did you think I was going to say? 

Now, the guy below has the right eyes and the right hair, but his face is totally wrong. I’ll show you him anyway. He seriously needs to eat.  He’s much too thin.  Get the man a cherry sucker.  (Read Backstage Pass: Chapter One to understand that reference.) Trey loves cherries. Myrna would be feeding him with a shovel if she saw him like this. 

The eyes are right, but the face is all wrong.


Granted, there’s a bluish cast to his eyes, but close enough.  I’ve been using the picture below for Trey on my website.  Yep… 

Very nice.


I didn’t have to worry about finding the right face, this way. 

So I came to the conclusion that finding pictures to represent your fictional characters is difficult unless you’re writing about Jace Seymour.  The model I found for Jace is perfect.  The rest of these guys have a vague resemblance, but really, there is no substitute for reading the books and imagining what they look like for yourself. 

How important is it to you that the people depicted on the front cover of a book match the descriptions of the characters inside?