All Together Now

3 more weeks.  21 days.  I can’t believe the official release date for Backstage Pass is so close! 

So now that I’ve obtained a decent representation for each band member, I have created their “official” band photo.  No, I wasn’t able to get all five models together and take a group photo.  (I wish.)  I made a compilation.  So this is what I’ll be using on Sinners’ mock website to represent the band, when I finally get their website launched. 

Without further ado… 

Sinners “Official” Band Photo: 

Introducing Sinners. The world's sexiest fictional metal band. (imo)


It turned out pretty good, considering an amateur (moi) created it.  I decided to go with black and white instead of color, so all the pictures match.  I might do a version with a black background behind Sinners’ devil girl as well.  I actually have fun doing this kind of thing.  Sometimes it’s nice to express my creativity through various methods, though writing will always be my favorite endeavor. 

What creative things do you enjoy? 

Happy Friday!