The Site Map

20 more days until Backstage Pass is released. 

I’ve published the site map for  The site still has no content, yet, but I do have the menus worked out and Sinners’ banner at the top.  So you can go to the site, but you won’t see much there today.  Something like this.  You can click on the menu and go to different pages, but they all look the same.  🙂 

Still Under Construction!


A little about what you’ll find on each page (eventually): 

Home– I’ll put general news here that corresponds with what’s going on when a particular book is out.  So Backstage Pass news will be there first.  When Rock Hard comes out next April, the news will correspond with that book. 

Biography – The founding of the band and a bit about each of the members.  Also a bit on the elusive, Jon Mallory, the previous bassist of Sinners who you won’t get to meet until book 3.  No, I do not plan for him to get his own book.  You’ll find out why next year, when you read Hot Ticket.  *cough! 

Discography – Mock CD covers and song lists for each of Sinners’ albums.  The songs that are mentioned in the books will be indicated.  Sinners perform those live in concert, so they’re mentioned again and again in each book.  This page will evolve as the album they are writing in the Sinners on Tour series is released. I wish I could post real Sinners songs and videos (*starts drooling), but alas, there aren’t any. 

Tour – This will also match the book.  All the places they visit on tour will be listed.  Plus when all those cancelled tour dates occur in book 2 (no spoilers here as to why!), they will be indicated.  I need to find a map. 

Chat – I’m not sure if this will work or not.  I’m going to try it.  The plan is to set up a blog for the band and you can post questions to specific band members or the band in general and they will talk back to you.  It could be a lot of fun, if it catches on.  It could also be a huge time suck, if it catches on.  It might also be a total dud.  We’ll see how it goes.  I do like trying new things!  And who wouldn’t want to talk to Brian Sinclair?  He’s amazing!  Romantic.  Sweet.  Sexy.  And knows his way around the bedroom.  And the bath.  The back of the tour bus.  A motorcycle.  A men’s room.  Um, where was I?  Oh yes, website. 

Sinners Ink – This page is mentioned in Backstage Pass in a funny, yet sexy scene where Brian walks in on Trey with his, erm, boy toy.  It’s where fans who have Sinners tattoos send in pictures of their tattoos and Trey posts them on Sinners’ website.  I plan to have some temporary tattoos made and if you send me a SASE, I’ll send you one.   (Details to come later.  I haven’t ordered them yet.)  If you email me a pic of you and your Sinners tattoo, you can become a part of the website!  And, of course, Trey will comment on how sexy you look.  He’s a hopeless case.  🙂 

Merchandise – Get your Sinners T-shirt and Sinners thong here!  I’ll be offering official Sinners merchandise through CafePress. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.  I’ll mostly be making this up, but if you have a question, let me know and I might include it.  If your question is: “Are you crazy, Olivia?” I probably won’t feel obligated to answer. 

Notice there is a “for entertainment purposes disclaimer” at the bottom of each page.  I really do intend this to be a lot of fun.  Sinners love their fans.  Even if they do rip the shirt off Sed’s hot, muscular bod on a regular basis.  He loses more shirts that way. 

Ideas on additional content welcome.  What would you like to see on Sinners’ website?