Still Recovering From Monday, On A Tuesday Evening

Have you ever had “one of those days” fall on a Monday?  Erm, yeah.  As if Monday isn’t bad enough in and of itself.

Despite rumors (yes, I realize there are no actual rumors), I’m not dead.  My router, on the other hand, has died a miserable death and has left me without internet service.  I hope to be up and running online again soon.  I will continue to countdown the days to Backstage Pass offline until then. (16 to go. WOOT!)  Imagine happy dancing each morning as the launch date draws nearer.

One good thing about having no internet service at home, I get bored and work on my novels.  I finished my revisions of book 3 last night (in record time) and sent the manuscript to my editor today.  Now, I wait anxiously to see what her reaction is.

I’ll keep plugging along at building Sinners’ website in the meantime, though getting it live will have to wait.  And I’ll be writing book 4 quite diligently.

 I’ll see you again as soon as technology starts cooperating with me again.