Sinners’ Discography – Gates of Hell

I think I lost track of the number of days in my launch date countdown while I was without Internet.   I have Internet again, so I’m back on track.  Mostly.  15 days to go.  Right?  Because Backstage Pass will be officially released two weeks from tomorrow.

Released five years ago, Sinners’ second album was much more successful than their first.  They had a major label with this one, so the sound quality was greatly improved.  Though they weren’t world-renowned, yet, they had several hits on Gates of Hell, including the title song.  Here’s the cover art I came up with to represent Gates of Hell on Sinners’ website in their discography.

The cover of Sinners' second album.

Songs from Gates of Hell – Those in red are mentioned in the books.  Sinners perform them in their concerts.

1. Gates of Hell

2. Temptations

3. Goodbye Is Not Forever

4. Last Night

5. On My Tombstone

6. Complications

7. Tears

8. Twisted

9. Down Below

10. Debauchery

11. Harbinger of Death

This album is not as dark as their first.  The first Sinners song to hit the record charts was their one and only ballad, Goodbye Is Not Forever.  It’s also the only song written by rhythm guitarist, Trey Mills.  They start most shows with Gates of Hell (very metal) and often do Twisted (a rock anthem) as an encore.  Fun times!