www.sinnersontour.com Home Page Is Now Live

Two weeks until Backstage Pass is officially released!

The home page for www.sinnersontour.com is now live.  I still have to work through most of the dates in the Upcoming Shows area to make sure the correlate with Backstage Pass.  Myrna meets Brian in one of those locales, and sees him again in two others, so I have to ensure I get those dates properly spaced.  I did make a calendar to keep track of the dates after they perform in Lincoln, Nebraska, but that doesn’t help me much with those earlier shows.  I’d like to thank whoever set up a search feature on Metallica’s tour timeline page.  It made it so easy to find venues in the cities Sinners visits.  I figure if a venue is good enough for Metallica, it’s good enough for Sinners.  I do love Metallica.  I’ve never seen them play live: something I plan to remedy as soon as possible. 

Each of the guys posted what’s going on in their current state of affairs on the home page.  The links currently go to blank pages, but that will change soon! 

Here’s a screen capture of the homepage, but you should go check it out.  Brian’s response to Sed, cracks me up.  And the talkativeness of Jace?  LMAO!

I still need to add tour dates and maybe some vertical divider bars, but it's live!

How important is it for you to keep an up-to-date calender?  Do you have to write everything down, are you able to keep track of everything in your head, or are you somewhere in-between?