Sinners’ Discography – Shattered


Thirteen days until Backstage Pass is officially released!  I got my author copies from my publisher yesterday.  The book is gorgeous.  

I’m still working on the website for my fictional rock band, Sinners.  This is the last of their discography, well until their lead guitarist, Brian Sinclair, gets over his music-writing slump.  Sinners most recent album, Shattered, launched the band into stardom two years ago. The first single off the album, Shattered, earned them some attention, but when Reformation hit the airwaves a few months later, it climbed to the top of the rock charts and went platinum.  And the rest, as they say, is history.   

Here’s the cover I created for “Shattered”.   

Not sure if it looks "metal" enough, but I love the way this cover turned out.


And the song list.   

1. Shattered   

2. Branded   

3. Last Breath   

4. Martyr   

5. Succubus   

6. Demon’s Soul   

7. Reformation   

8. Warden   

9. Overdrive   

10. The Quickening   

11. Despair   

12. Testament   

Come to think of it, I don’t think any of these songs are mentioned in Backstage Pass. They are mentioned in later books. Well, those in red are.   

And the Discography page on is now up and running.  I think I’ll attack the biography page next.   

How many CDs have you bought in the past year? Or do you purchase one song at a time?  I think I’ve only bought two CDs in a physical store this year, but I’ve bought dozens of songs on iTunes.  I like to make my own mix CDs for the car.