Brian Sinclair’s Biography

Twelve more days until Backstage Pass is released.  Yay!!  Can that be right?  Where did the month go?

I’m working on the biography page for now.  So you’ll get to learn a little more about each of the guys.  This should be fun!  They have diverse backgrounds.  Today, we have Brian Sinclair, the lead character of Backstage Pass.

Brian Sinclair

Occupation: Lead Guitarist, Composer

Favorite Instrument: Schecter Hellraiser custom, black w/white flecks

Born: February 21

Vitals: Black hair, brown eyes, 5’10” tall

Known for his finger-burning solos, some say Brian “Master” Sinclair was born with a guitar in his hands. While that isn’t exactly true, he did pick up the instrument at an early age. This is no surprise as his father is renowned guitarist, Malcolm O’Neal, of the 1970’s rock band, Winged Faith.  Brian is a native of Southern California.  He graduated from high school approximately ten years ago and started college to become a music teacher. When the band signed a contract with a major label in his freshman year, Brian quit school to tour with Sinners full-time.

He is currently unmarried and has no children.

Previous bands: Crysys (Trey Mills, Eric Sticks and Jon Mallory were also members)

I wonder if there is anything else I should include.  Tomorrow, we’ll learn a little more about lead singer, Sed Lionheart.