Sedric Lionheart’s Biography

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I’m still working on the biography page for Sinners’ website: Today we have Sedric “Sed” Lionheart’s biography. Sed is the lead character of book 2, Rock Hard.

Sedric Lionheart, except his eyes should be blue!

Occupation: Lead Vocalist, Lyrics Composer

Vocal Styling: Baritone but ranges into higher octaves

Other instruments: Violin

Born: August 10

Vitals: Black hair, blue eyes, 6’4″ tall

Sinners was Sed’s brainchild and he is the unquestionable leader of the band. His vision for Sinners’ direction and drive to succeed pushed the band toward fame. Known for his unique vocal sounds, growls and screams, Sedric “Sed” Lionheart sings with surprising richness and smoothness when a song calls for melody. His talent is entirely inherent. He’s never employed a vocal coach.  Sed’s family moved from Minnesota to California when Sed was three, so he claims California as his home state. He has two younger sisters and a close relationship with both parents, who have been married for over thirty years. Sed is a high school graduate, but never aspired to anything but Sinners’ ultimate success.

Hobbies: Bodybuilding

Sed was once engaged, but is currently single and has no children.

Previous bands: None

Do you think I should include things like “favorite food” and “vehicle”, or is that Too Much Information?