Jace Seymour’s Biography

Nine more days until Backstage Pass’s official release, BUT I got confirmation today that it will be shipping from Amazon a week early!  Check it out: Backstage Pass on Amazon.  It says “In Stock September 24th”.  That’s the day after tomorrow.  But I’m going to keep on counting down as if I never saw that.  NINE days.

Yesterday, instead of here, I blogged over at Casablanca Author’s Blog: An Abundance of Books.  If you want to read about how spazzy I was when I got my author’s copies, give it a looksy. There’s even a picture of moi looking very cheesy.  Not that I don’t always look cheesy.  There’s just little photographic evidence of it.

Now on to the reason of this post. Jace Seymour’s biography.  Jace is the hero of Hot Ticket. Sinners on Tour book 3. I just finished writing Jace’s book.  I haven’t even heard back from my editor as to the “loved it” vs “hated it” verdict.  Personally, I think it’s my best Sinners book to date, but I always think that before I get the phone call from my editor telling me everything I need to change. sigh….  But since I haven’t gotten that call yet, I can still pretend it’s ROCKIN’ AWESOME! And I adore Jace. I have a thing for mysterious, brooding, emotionally damaged types and Jace has that in spades. So Jace’s biography is rather sketchy, because I don’t want to give away all his secrets.  Plus, the guys in the band really don’t know that much about him.  I’ll try not to moon over him too much, but I’m currently in love with the guy.  I was this in love with Brian Sinclair a year ago.  Sed Lionheart six months ago.  I’m not very monogamous with my characters.  🙂  But I give them each a heroine who is perfect for him, a great sex life, and true love with a HEA, so they have to forgive me. Right?

Jace refused to get out of bed to have his picture taken, so the photographer took this shot. Thank you, photographer.

Occupation: Bass Guitarist

Born: July 14

Vitals: Blond hair, brown eyes, 5’6″ tall

Jace joined Sinners two years ago, after being recommended by Dare Mills (the lead guitarist of Exodus End and Trey Mills’s older brother) to replace Sinners’ previous bassist Jon Mallory. While very skilled on bass guitar, little is known about Jace. He remains tight-lipped about his past, his family situation, and his home life.

Single and has no children.

Previous bands: None

I’m intentionally picking birthdays for band members based on the astrological sun/moon chart. Do you think your astrological sign fits your personality?  Also, my editor has some issue with Jace’s height. Do you think a man has to be tall to be sexy? Personally, I like short men. Easier to kiss and height compatibility has distinct advantages.  😉