Eric Sticks’ Biography

One week from today Backstage Pass will be officially released! I missed posting a blog yesterday because I was sick with a cold. I’m still sick, but my brain is partially functioning now, so that’s an improvement!  

Today, we have Eric Sticks’ biography. He’s the hero of Snared. At least, that’s what I’m calling his book right now. My publisher tends to change my titles.  

I love this expression. It's soooooo Eric.


Eric wanted to use this picture on Sinners website because it proves he has at least one groupie. 🙂  

Occupation: Drummer, Composer  

Other Instruments: Bass, Guitar, ukulele, Kazoo, you name it, he wails on it  

Vocal styling: Tenor  

Born: December 3  

Vitals: Black hair, blue eyes, 6’5″ tall  

Eric is the main composer/arranger for Sinners. His musical talents are both varied and skilled. He switched to drums at Sed Lionheart’s insistence when Sinners was founded, a role he has adapted to well. He’s known as one of the best drummers in the business because his sound has a unique melodic quality. Eric grew up in foster care. He has no known siblings.  

Single and has no children.  

Previous bands: Lead singer and bassist for Crysys (with Brian and Trey)  

Eric is one of those characters that grows on a person.  He really comes to life in Jace’s book (Hot Ticket) and I just started writing his novel. He has a surprising depth that isn’t readily apparent in Backstage Pass. He was designed for comic relief in that book. I’m surprised he didn’t end up with permanent brain damage from banging his head against tables and walls repeatedly.  

The biography page on is almost done.  I just have Trey Mills.  I’ll finish it up tomorrow.  

I can’t think of a question to ask today. I blame this cold. So why don’t you ask me a question!?