Trey Mills’ Biography

Six more days until Backstage Pass is officially released!  Woo hoo!  There’s a new review up from Fresh Fiction on that Backstage Pass link.  I posted it last night.

The biography page on is done!  I’ll add the band’s story, as well.

Last, but not least, we have Trey Mills.

I wonder what he’s thinking about so hard. He’s not usually this serious.

Occupation: Rhythm Guitarist, Background Vocalist 

Favorite Instrument: Gibson Les Paul custom, black and yellow abstract paint

Born: June 9  

Vitals: Black hair, green eyes, 5’10″ tall  

Trey’s shredding style compliments Brian’s soloing perfectly. Sinners’ two guitarists compose and perform amazing dueling solos, which many say is what propelled the band into superstardom. Trey is often asked why he doesn’t become a lead guitarist, as he definitely has the skill. He insists that he’s prefers rhythm guitar and feels privileged to support and sometimes accompany Brian’s amazing solos. Trey was born and raised in Beverly Hills, California. His father is a plastic surgeon to the stars, while his mother an earthy artist, who throws herself into innumerable charity causes. Trey’s older brother is Darren Mills, the lead guitarist of Exodus End. 

Single and has no children.  

Previous bands: Rhythm Guitarist for Crysys (with Brian, Eric, and Jon Mallory)

I almost forgot that I need a bio for Jon Mallory.  He’s the previous bassist for Sinners who was replaced by Jace Seymour.