Sinners’ Chat

Five more days until Backstage Pass is officially released and my blog tour starts.  Woo hoo!  I’ve been busy trying to write fun blogs. I don’t want to give anyone the impression that my book is boring, right?

I’ve also been working on Sinners’ blog/chat page.  I don’t know enough html to set up chat rooms on their own website, so I set up a blog for Sinners with a different page for each member.  Hopefully, it makes sense.  I didn’t know how else to set it up.  If you have suggestions on how to make it clearer, let me know. Two or ten or twenty heads are better than one.  Especially if that one head is all groggy-like from a cold that will NOT go away. Ugh!  Here’s a screen shot and the link is:  I’ll put links up on Sinners’ website as soon as my nose stops running. So probably around April.

Sinners' chat/blog is live! Go ask a question, will you?

If it’s confusing, please, let me know. I have no idea if anyone will ever use it, but it’s there and could potentially be a lot of fun, if people get into it.

 Want to know what Brian had for breakfast? Ask him.

Do you think Sed’s a big jerk? Tell him.

Want to tell Jace to hang in there? Go right ahead.

Does Eric make you laugh? Maybe he’ll tell you a joke if you butter him up a little.

Who is Trey doing today? Sorry, Trey doesn’t kiss and tell.

Anyway, it’s live now. Knock yourselves out. Or not. Whatever floats your boat.

Excuse me, I need a dose of cold medicine now. Maybe a nap.