Two days until Backstage Pass is officially released (though it’s already shipping from Amazon if you want it early and I think you do)! I have two more pages on Sinners’ website to finish, but I don’t think I’m going to get them done in time.  Least you think I’m a slacker (one of those bon-bon eating authors who exist only in my imagination), I’ve been incredibly sick all week. I didn’t go to work Monday, but I went yesterday and felt mostly comatose between coughing jags. I went to work today and thought I was going to pass out from deprivation of air (lungs are important organs, it seems), but that’s NOT why I’m overwhelmed.

I’m overwhelmed because reviews are going live all over the blogosphere and I’m so freakin’ happy that so many readers are connecting with my characters (my boys do me proud – I love them all) and enjoying all the hot, hot secks that goes on between the covers (of the book).

So I just wanted to let you know I’m still alive, though I should probably get myself an oxygen tank. While I’m at it, I’ll rent a pressure washer to get this permagrin off my face. People are going to think I’m crazy.

I’ll post my blog tour schedule tomorrow. It’s going to be a blast! Be sure to tag along. Maybe win a book. Share a few laughs. Bring your friends. It’s a party. Consider this your personal invitation to rock with Sinners all month.