Have Mercy

I stumbled across a perfect model for Sinners’ rhythm guitarist Trey Mills today.  Had to share.

THIS is how I picture Trey. Needs some piercings and darker hair, but the eyes, the face, the lips, everything. Perfect.

Content sigh…

Not sure about his jewelry choice, but say "hey" to Trey.

Have mercy.

The reason God gave women eyes.

Can you be any yummier?

There's my naughty boy.

And the whole reason I found him in the first place. Next Tuesday, I’ll be posting a Halloween short story about Sinners, and this is Trey’s costume.

He wants to suck your, erm, blood. Yeah, that's it.

Like I said. Have mercy.

Now I’m going to have to update Sinners website, because this IS Trey. He’s got Trey’s “get into my bed immediately” look down perfectly.

Can do, sugar. Can do.