My First Book-Signing

Village Books in Columbia, Missouri knows how to treat an author like a rock star.When I left, there was one copy of my book left in the store. I signed it. I also left behind some autographed bookmarks. You can have one. Go there. Now. And buy lots of books from these wonderful people. I insist.

Upon arrival,  I was greeted by this glorious display in the front window. They even let me snag the poster at the end of the day. YAY! *smoochies for Becky*

Awesome window display at Village Books!

Here’s my first actual sighting of my book on a store shelf. And look! It’s facing out and at eye level. Authors appreciate that so much!

My book! Face out!! YAY!

And here’s where they had me set up to do my signing. I got a comfy throne to sit upon. Yes, I’m calling it a throne. Rock stars sit on thrones, right?

My signing throne.

And it’s blue! My favorite color.

And here I am sitting upon my throne awaiting the designated time. I got there early.

Note the large drink and snackage on the stand to my left. Cherry Limeade from Sonic and Chex Mix. My favorites! I didn’t bring it. The amazing Becky, who runs the store, set up my book signing, and tells people to buy my book, also provided a tasty tankard o’ beverage and munchies.  I was so spoiled. If I start acting like a diva pop star, it’s all her fault. Go get me a beer!

So fans began to arrive. I have fans. Fans who actually want my signature on their book. Who knew? Fans who talk about my characters and love them as much as I do. Bizarre. And very, very cool.

Do I look like I'm having fun?

The lovely woman on the sofa beside me is long-time online friend, Sia McKye. It was great to get to meet her in person for the first time. And she brought me chocolate. More people spoiling me.

And look at me with a rapt audience.

Loved having fans and readers sit down and chat.

These two were guarding my purse behind the counter.

The stuffiest people work at bookstores. Don't you think? 😉

It wasn’t all fun and games. There was some work involved, too. My arm is still aching from all that book-signing. Sheesh. The slave drivers.

Signing a book to my #1 fan.

I didn’t get pictures of the end of the gathering, but I wish I had. I was further spoiled when Becky presented me with awesome gifts in an honorary Village Books wench tote bag. Inside I found a wonderful card, a mug, some nummy-smelling candles and a personalized T-shirt (in blue-yes, my favorite color) that said “I’m a ROCK STAR. My fans at Village Books say so.” They also had me sign a dictionary and a t-shirt that all the other authors lucky enough to hold a signing at Village Books had also signed. COOL!

I had a fantastic day! Thanks to Becky and to everyone who showed up and made me feel like a rock star. Now they’re never going to get rid of me. I INSIST on returning when Rock Hard is released in the spring. I hope to see you there!

Village Books rocks!