Random Stuffs

1. With regards to the title of this post… I know there is no plural form of stuff, but I enjoy making up words, so deal with it.  In my world, stuffs is the plural form of stuff and a verb I enjoy.

2. My day job is trying to kill me. It seems the longer you work at a place, the more responsibility they heap on you. I’m at the tipping point now. If they add one more thing to my extra duty list, I’m getting a new job. Of course, I could just suck at my all those extra responsibilities instead of doing a good job and maybe they’d stop making me so fucking miserable.  Hmmm….  Must ponder.  I would like more time to write.  I have become a weekend writer by necessity and while I’m meeting deadlines, I’d like to start working on some other things, too.

3. I’m only slightly behind on NaNoWriMo and have written 32,400 out of 50,o00 words so far.  I’m writing Eric’s book for the event. That’s Sinners book 4.  I’ll tease you with this excerpt which may or may not end up in the final version, but it amuses me, and you all amuse me, so I thought I’d pair you up.  I love to tease.

From Snared, Sinners on Tour Book 4:
         “Not everyone likes anal, Trey,” Eric said, tugging Rebekah more securely against him. He wasn’t sure why holding her made his heart race so fast. He just wanted her closer. To absorb her into his body. What a strange thought.
         “I wasn’t touching her ass. I was—”
          “Yes, anal. I want anal,” Reb said, her voice muffled by Eric’s chest. “I loooooove it. Give it to me in the ass, Trey.”
          “Ashtray?” Eric echoed, confused.
          Reb’s body shook against his as she laughed. “In the ass, Trey, not the ashtray.”
          “Oh.” For some reason Eric would rather Trey fuck an ashtray.


4. I just finished galley proofs for Rock Hard.  Love that book.  Love it.  It’s not as dirty as Backstage Pass, but that’s because Sed is hyper-possessive and if anyone came in his woman’s hair they’d be dead.  Just sayin’… It’s still really HAWT. Sed’s a beast in the sack and in the elevator and the… well, you get the picture.

5. Speaking of Rock Hard, it’s available for pre-order now even though it doesn’t come out until April 2011.  That seems like an eon away.  They even had a cover up for the book on Amazon (for like an entire day), but now it’s gone again. Not sure what’s going on there.  I won’t stress about it until March.

6. Still waiting to hear from my editor on Hot Ticket, Book 3, which is Jace’s book.  That book is even dirtier than Backstage Pass and so emotional I think I cried through half of it.  I’ve convinced myself that I haven’t heard from my editor (even though I sent the manuscript to her back in September) because she hates it and is afraid to tell me it sucks and that I should do everyone a favor and just delete the whole thing and start over.  Or maybe she’s just busy with her eleventy-million other authors. As an aside, on a blog post she included Brian in her short list of favorite romance heroes ever. I almost cried.

7. I have decided that I’m unintentionally cruel to my heroines. I give them awful names. Brian’s woman is named Myrna Evans. (I just noticed her initials are M.E. hmmm… that’s a little telling). Sed’s woman is Jessica Chase (I wasn’t mean to her, so I have think I’m capable of naming a heroine appropriately, I just don’t). Jace’s woman is Agatha Christine Martin (The poor thing. They call her Aggie at least. Wait until you meet her mother, who named her. Oh. MY. God. What a character.) Eric’s woman is Rebekah Esther Blastname or Reb for short. (Rebekah is fine, but Esther? And what’s with the Blastname?  I’ll explain next.)  I haven’t named Trey’s heroine or hero (hummina, hummina, hummina) yet. Maybe I’ll name them Uno and Dos.  Get it? Get it? Uno Dos Tres.  I crack myself up. No, I really wouldn’t do that to Trey. I’ve already put that guy through enough (see Rock Hard… oh wait, you can’t, yet). I will do my best to give his true love(s) great names.

8. Blastname. I can’t think of a good last name for my 4th heroine, Rebekah. I know her last name starts with B, but I don’t know what it is yet, so I’ve been using B-last-name or Blastname through the whole manuscript. Any ideas for a good last name that starts with B?

9. I still need to organize all of my fabulous reviews into one post.  They are all linked on my facebook fanpage, but it’s not easy to navigate.  I could do that now or I could go write some more about Eric.  Eric wins!

I’ll probably be mostly a stranger around these parts. Just know that if I’m absent I’m writing up a storm and don’t have much time for blogging. OR the day job has taken over my weekends, too. FEH!