NaNoWriMo Winnings

I limped over the NaNoWriMo finish line with aching fingers and blurry eyes, but I finished dang it, with an hour to spare. I made quite a mess of my manuscript, I’m afraid. I’m not sure if it will ever recover, but it’s now 50,000 words heavier and my senseless ramblings took the story on some wild tangents.

Here’s some bling I got for winning.

   Yes, I snagged multiple bling. I’ve never worked so hard for a jpg in my life!

And so I will leave you with a little excerpt of Sinners on Tour Book 4, currently called Snared.  I have no doubt that the book you read in April of 2012 will in no way resemble the book that exists today.

When Eric met Rebekah…

Eric dropped his hand from Jace’s forehead and gaped.

At her.

He forgot why he’d had Jace in a stranglehold, something about an engagement ring and Jace’s dominatrix girlfriend, Aggie. Forgot that he was anxiously awaiting picking up a new custom-made cymbal for his drum kit after they visited what’s-his-name, em, Dave, who’d just been brought home from the hospital. Forgot that walking required a sequence of left foot right, not left foot, left, left, stumble, right foot. Forgot that in order to inhale your chest had to expand.

Eric choked on his own tongue.

It was her. Standing right there. About shoulder high. Petite. Feminine. Blonde-and-blue-haired. Both beautiful and adorable in her mismatched tube socks, a purple tank top and a green miniskirt. It really was her. The woman of Eric’s wet dreams.

And she was gushing all over Trey.

Sonuva bitch.

Wait. Maybe Eric was jumping to conclusions. Perhaps the signs were all wrong. He’d never actually seen her before, so he had to be sure. Eric lifted the long lock of hair that he dyed a different vibrant color every 49 days without fail and stared at it. His memory had served him correctly. It was currently cobalt blue—the exact same shade as the under-layer of her hair. What were the chances? It had to be kismet. Destiny. Fate. Providence. All of thee above.

She’d said her name was Rebekah. That was Eric’s favorite name. At least now it was.

Rebekah tore her eyes off Trey long enough to notice Eric was examining his own hair like an idiot. “Nice color,” she said with a devilish grin.

Eric gaped.

At her.

For like five minutes.

Conversation continued all around him, but he couldn’t stop staring. His eyes grew dry and itchy because he refused to blink.

Something slapped him alongside the head. Eric started and turned his head to find Sed, Sinners’ lead vocalist, looking at him as if waiting for something. “Well?”

“Well, what?”

“Do you think we should give her a chance?”

Apparently, Eric had missed something while he’d been gaping, stumbling, asphyxiating, gaping some more, and not blinking—in that order.

Jace pounded Eric on the back. “You okay in there, Sticks?” he asked. “Did you have some bad cheese?”

Cheese? What the fuck is cheese?