Just for Fun

I think it’s about time to add a For Fun page on my website.  I’m really bad about updating my news feed over there.  REALLY bad. I haven’t updated since early October.  So I apologize for that. I do think I have enough fun things scattered around the internet to populate a fun page though.  Website maintainace is such a huge time suck!

Speaking of fun, I had a lot of fun (at Sinners’ expense) last night when I wrote the following blog for Casablanca Authors: Alternate Endings. I like to stand out from the crowd, so I took this month’s theme “Endings” and had a helluva lot of fun coming up with different endings for Backstage Pass. If you’ve ever wondered what the guys would be like in the old west or on a star trek episode, you should totally check it out.  If not, check it out anyway. It’s fun!

I also have a guest blog over on Lisa Renee Jones’ blog this weekend. You can read about my grandma’s snickerdoodle addiction, which is rather amusing, and check out Sexy Santa (humina, humina, hot), though I think a lot of you have already met him. The link is here: Cunning’s Cookie Craze  If you leave a comment on that post by Monday, December 13, 2010, you can win a free autographed copy of Backstage Pass.  If you win and want to gift it, you should get it by Christmas.  Or selfishly save it for yourself. I won’t judge.

Also fun, depending on your POV, I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days and days. Yes, it’s that one track mind of mine again. The drummer has the voice of an angel and is so adorable I just want to… well, I leave that up to your imagination. The singer has the voice of a bucket of rusty nails, but it works for me.  If you can’t tolerate the singer’s screaming, skip ahead to 1:30 and 2:15 and 3:20 to check out the drummer. I heart him.

I blame the local college radio station for playing this song so much. I had no idea who sang it, I had to Google the lyrics (what lyrics I could understand, lol!) to find it. I discovered it was a remake of a rather calm song, so I had to sift through the various artists to find the right version. Then I had to buy it on iTunes so I can listen to it ad nauseam on my iPod while I write. Sometimes I think I should just deposit my entire paycheck into my iTunes account. Ehem! I’m hoping something a little less screamo gets stuck in my head next time. Love the chorus. Did I mention the drummer?

Now, go have some fun and read those guest blogs. What kinds of things would you like to see on a fun page on my main website www.oliviacunning.com? Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome!