Just a Little Update

I’ve had a busy month, believe it or not.

First thing, I did away with my “News” page on my website. It’s too much of a hassle to update it and was looking all abandoned and sad, so any news I have will be posted on this blog under the category News. Yes, I’m a creative genius, I know.

Second thing, I added a “Fun Stuff” page to my website. It has links to fun blog posts, short stories, excerpts, deleted scenes and Sinners’ website. All FREE! If you’re looking for my News Archives, they’re on the Fun Stuff page, too. And if you’re looking for “Fun Stuff” you know where to go. www.oliviacunning.com/fun stuff.html It’s not all scattered across the website and blog now. Much easier to find.

Third thing, I got my Rock Hard ARCs.  Yes, very exciting. Now they’re telling me they might change the cover. I hope they change their minds and leave it as it is. I love the current cover. *pout*

Fourth thing, Backstage Pass has made ten different best-of-2010 lists (so far).  It’s very exciting!  I’ll post a list of them in a couple days. *does a one person “the wave”*

Fifth thing, I’m getting tired of this numbering scheme. It’s annoying.

6. My agent suggested I publish some erotic romance novellas and/or short stories through one or more ebook publishers to earn more name recognition in the genre. While I wish I could write Sinners novellas (that would be so much fun!), it would be a breach of contract with my print publisher, so they can’t be about Sinners or any of the characters in the Sinners series. So I’m branching out to other things.

7. So far I have one 40,000 word novella complete. I’m waiting to hear what my agent thinks of it. She’ll be reading it this month and hopefully sending it to publishers soon. It’s a time travel erotic romance. Think quantum leap, but with couples. It hilarious, sexy, fun and takes cosplay to a whole new level. LOL. And the bad boy hero, Reece Jericho? So. Freakin’. Delicious. It’s intended as the first in a series, but… We’ll have to see.  My agent might HATE it.  Waiting is so not fun.

8. I’m also working on a second novella. This is intended as the first in a vastly different series.  OMG, this novella is SCORCHING, FLAMING, BURNING HAWT. You might hear me sputtering over it on Twitter occasionally. It makes Backstage Pass seem tame. I guess I need to work a little romance in there somewhere. Lots of dirty, kinky sex so far. This second series has a similar vibe to Sinners on Tour. There are six band member characters, five male and one female. They have that same goof around and play off each other thing that the guys of Sinners have, but here’s a big difference. They’re all vampires. And not the sparkle, “vegetarian” kind. The bad ass kind. And they love sex.

And can I just say…


They’re all so freakin’ hot, because they are totally out of control. Sign me up for some of that.

8. A good thing about ebook publishers. Release dates tend to be quicker and closer together. Having only one book released every six months makes me impatient.

9. I’m still working on Snared (Eric’s book – Sinners 4). I estimate that it’s 3/4 finished and it won’t be published until April. Of 2012.  Hence these other projects. My muse likes to write, not wait.

10. No word from my editor on Hot Ticket (Jace’s book – Sinners 3). Did I mention the waiting game sucks? Well it does.

So my little update, turned out to be a big update.  Told you I was busy.

A question for you: do you like your vampires to be sweet-and-humane or bad-to-the-bone? Or are vampires for suckers? (Ha! I made a funny!)

He wants to suck your, erm, blood. Yeah, that's it.