Hilarity or Stupidity?

So today, I’m suffering through a day of faculty in-service meetings (IMO, there is no worse torture on the planet. If I were a spy, I’d break under the threat of one of these, much less having to attend 7 of them in one week. I digress…) and one of the speakers is talking about online courses.  She pointed out a website xtranormal.com where she makes little videos to engage her students.  I’m immediately dreaming up cheesy pick-up lines for Backstage Pass. Yeah, I have this one track mind, you see. So here’s what I came up with during… erm… after the meeting in my own free time. *cough*

It makes me laugh so hard that I cry, but it’s pretty lame. Anyway, I thought I’d share. I might do more of these; I might not. It was a lot of fun, but sort of time consuming. I think I have the hang of it all now, so could probably do them a lot more quickly in the future. Can you think of any additional lame pickup lines for guitarists? Maybe I should do one for Sed.