Backstage Pass – The Playlist

I’ve had a few readers mention that I should compile a playlist of songs for Backstage Pass.  I often hear songs that remind me of the book, or the characters, or their situations, but I never think to write them down.  I do have “theme songs” for each band member, so I’ll start with those.

Brian Sinclair – Lead Guitarist (Crash – Cavo)

Sedric Lionheart – Vocalist (If You Only Knew – Shinedown)

Jace Seymour – Bassist (Pain – Three Days Grace)

Eric Sticks – Drummer (Head Against the Wall – Anew Revolution)

Trey Mills – Rhythm Guitarist (…To Be Loved – Papa Roach)

Here are a few other songs that remind me of Backstage Pass. You might see a recurring theme as you listen to them. 😉

Closer – Nine Inch Nails (sorry about the censoring…)

Stellar – Incubus (DAYUM Brandon Boyd is so HAWT!)

A.D.I.D.A.S. – Korn

Addiction – Dope

Spaceship – Puddle of Mudd

and (not about sex)…

Ten Thousand Fists – Disturbed (couldn’t find an official video. hmmm…. EPIC song.)

Cowboys from Hell – Pantera    This is why Backstage Pass is dedicated to Dimebag Darrel Abbot – if you don’t know how he died, look him up – tragic ;_;

On twitter, I asked a fan which songs she thought were appropriate for a Backstage Pass playlist and she sent me this great list! We even have a few songs in common. 🙂 Thanks Heather! This is just awesome. I need to look some of these up. I’ve heard most, but not all.

  1. Short Skirt/Long Jacket by Cake (I like this for Myr’s wardrobe choices—demure, professional)
  2. White Unicorn by Wolfmother (I see the rock scene as a carnival and this song reminds me of that)
  3. Semi Precious Weapons by Semi Precious Weapons (This song says Sed to me in all his rockstar glory)
  4. Little Sister by Queens of the Stone Age (Just reminds me of Brian’s Little sister that he lost)
  5. Mountain Man by Crash Kings (Rockin’ that valley down below reminds me of the Sinner’s Suck Circle)
  6. Looking for Girls by The Pursuit of Happiness (what rock star isn’t?  It’s an old song but I love it!)
  7. Dominos by The Big Pink  (Rock Stars and their groupies)
  8. No Sleep Tonight by The Faders  (Groupies…this reminds me of what Myr learned in her research)
  9. Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry  (Another groupie song…I see Sed here again)
  10. 3’s and 7’s by Queens of the Stone Age  (This is just a rockin’ song that reflects the Rock Star tone)
  11. Vagabond by Wolfmother (Another Rockin’ tone of the book song)
  12. Go With the Flow by Queens of the Stone Age (Another Rockin’ tone of the book song)
  13. Pretty Girl (The Way) by Sugarcult  (This song represents Jeremy’s voice in Myr’s head)
  14. The Sex is Good by Saving Abel  (Well Myr and Brian were freakin’ smokin’, but she always attributed their connection as purely sexual)
  15. All Night Long by Buckcherry  (Brian is a sexual beast…)
  16. Spank by Kidneythieves (Myr is a naughty professor…)
  17. Closer by Nine Inch Nails (Can’t have a playlist without this song period)
  18. I Want Your Love by Toadies (It’s such a simple, sexy, powerful song and I hear Brian in this)
  19. Light of the Morning by Band of Skulls  (Both Myr and Brian reference waking up or not waking up together)
  20. Woman by Wolfmother (A Rockin sexy song that represents the book for me)
  21. Could You Be the One? By Stereophonics  (Brian wondered this early on)
  22. Unconditional by The Bravery (This song represents Brian’s needs but he keeps getting conditions from Myr)
  23. I Wanna Be Adored by The Stone Roses (This song represents Brian needs constant approval and compliments…)
  24. Starlight by Muse (Brian is so Romantic and I just love this song)
  25. Crash (Into Me) by The Guffs  (This is another sexy, romantic song that says Brian to me)
  26. Take Me Out by Atomic Tom (Another romantic Brian song)
  27. Addicted by Saving Abel (Brian starts to get desperate trying to woo Myr)
  28. Give Me a Sign (Another song representing Brian’s desperation with Myr’s flippant attitude)
  29. In My Head (Brian keeps everything in his head)
  30. What Do I have to Do? By Stabbing Westward (Brian tries everything to make Myr open up, as well as, get her to go to LA)
  31. Never Too Late by Three Days Grace (Brian never gave up on his woman)
  32. Hysteria by Muse (Rockin song desperation)
  33. You Will Leave a Mark by A Silent Film (Brian fell hard almost immediately.  This song represents their month apart)
  34. Sometimes It Hurts by Stabbing Westward (Brian was really hurt by Myr’s attitude to their relationship)
  35. You Are Mine by MuteMath (Brain knew Myr would leave a lasting impression on him no matter what happened between them)
  36. Desperate Now by Stabbing Westward (Brain was desperate to say the L word and hear it from her)
  37. Hopeless by Breaking Benjamin (Brain never gave up on Myr no matter what was stacked against him…)
  38. Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me by Vast  (This is one of my favorite songs…I hear Brian pleading with Myr to stay with him in LA)
  39. Waking Up Beside You by Stabbing Westward (This is my favorite Stabbing Westward song…Neither of them liked to sleep alone)
  40. If You Only Knew by Shinedown (This song is Brian wanting to tell Myr how he feels, but can’t out of fear of her leaving)
  41. Amazed by Poe (This song is Myr realizing she loves Brian and would do anything for him and how he affects her life…love this song too)
  42. Islands by The XX  (This song is Myr wanting to be with Brian and accepting them as a couple no need to look anywhere else)
  43. Control by MuteMath (This song is Myr’s surrender to her feelings and when she finally tells Brian she loves him)
  44. You Complete Me by Stabbing Westward (Brian has his other half…Vegas Baby!!!)

What songs would you add to a Backstage Pass playlist? Do agree with our choices? Disagree? Like some of the songs? Hate some? I plan on posting an official playlist of about 20 songs on my website soon, so I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts and suggestions. I really like how Heather gave reasons for each song she chose, but you don’t have to give a reason. And you can even suggest country and pop songs, but I will not put them on MY playlist. Sorry…. This is a rock star book after all. I do plan to put the final playlist together on iTunes and Amazon (mp3s) so you can buy the songs if you want to.

A few bits of news:

My publisher is changing the cover of Rock Hard. As soon as it’s finalized I’ll post it. What I’ve seen of it so far is really sexy. Yowzers! Sed looks effin’ HAWT. (Not that we had any doubts.)

Reviewers should start receiving ARCs of Rock Hard soon. I can’t wait to hear what folks think of it.

My agent LOVED my novella, In Time. Sexy, hot, funny, hot, clever, hot, action-packed and hot. We hope to get it published this year. It’s not rock star related. I’m working on a different novella, Seduced by Eternity. That one does have rock musicians and really horny vampires, but it’s not finished yet. I’ll keep you posted.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2011 so far.