Engagement Ring Shopping

I’ve been looking for the perfect engagement ring. Not for myself, but for Eric Sticks’ heroine, Rebekah. You see, Eric likes to spend lots of money on Rebekah and she’s told him more than once to knock it off. It makes her uncomfortable when he buys her things. So I had to find a ring that Eric would buy for her and that she would accept. He’s a rock star with a “unique” personality so I wanted it to look cool and unique like him. It should be expensive, but not too expensive because Rebekah might force him to return it. Here’s what I found. I can so see him buying this. Not for me unfortunately. 😦 But for Rebekah.

Eric’s perfect ring for Rebekah

Sigh…. It’s gorgeous. I love research sometimes.

Sorry you have to click a link if you want to see it. It wouldn’t let me copy the picture because it’s a flash player image.

Speaking of research, this guy reminds me of Eric in looks and physique. Well, if Eric had better hair and wore a kilt. 🙂

Oh, yeah… I could research that all night long.

I’ve also been researching tattoos. I’ve never had one done, so I have to go by other people’s description of the sensation to describe it in the book. Maybe I should get one to see if my idea of what it feels like, my writing about it, and the reality are all consistent. That would make me one dedicated writer, wouldn’t it? Getting a tattoo for the sake of research.

Rock Hard’s release day is quickly approaching – just a little over two months away. Can’t wait. I have a couple early reviews and both are awesome! I’m very excited. Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of it.

In non-Sinners news, a publisher requested the manuscript for the first novella in my Lover’s Leap series. It’s a time travel erotic romance called In Time. My agent sent it to one of their editors last week. We should know if they want to publish it within a month. Keep your fingers crossed. This one will probably be available in e-book form only. But for a novella, it’s fairly long with a great story and great sex. And a bad boy with a gentle heart. I lurve me some misunderstood bad boys.

I should have some more exciting news to share in March. I just thought I’d tease you a little, because I so get off on it. I can’t really say anything until my agent gets the final okay. It is Sinners related. Something about a honeymoon extra… Sinners on Tour #1.5. Yeah, I can’t say anything. Shhhhhh….. I don’t want anyone to be upset if it doesn’t happen, but keep an eye out. I’ll need help designing a cover for it, too. Should be fun! Assuming it goes down. I’m very optimistic, but nothing is set in stone as of yet.

I leave you with Tool’s Vicarious. Because this song is awesome. And the video is freaky as Hell. Unfortunately, the sound quality isn’t the best. But it’s been playing through my one track mind for days.