I should update my blog more than once a month…

What’s going on in the world of Sinners?

40 days until Rock Hard is released! I have received three reviews so far. All excellent! I can’t wait to see what fans of Backstage Pass think of Rock Hard. Sed and Brian are as polar opposite as two heroes can be. Some people find Sed hard to warm up to. Others just find him warm and hard. Enough said.

The Fresh Fiction review is public. You can read it here, if you’re interested. Early Rock Hard Review.

I finished the second draft of Eric’s book last night. It’s currently with my beta readers. I have no idea how they will respond to it. It’s a little different. Eric is a little different, so obviously his book has to be. It’s due to my editor March 1st. Nothing like procrastination!

Now for the bittersweet part… I started writing Trey’s book last night. It hit me that this is the last in the Sinners on Tour series. In a few months, I’ll be done with them and I’ll have to say good-bye to these characters. No new loves. No more crazy antics and lame jokes. My rock stars will all be married off and settled. One of them even has a baby (no, I’m not saying who)! What a disturbing thought…

So instead of saying good-bye, I’ve decided to self-publish some Sinners’ related shorter pieces in ebook format. I have a lot of ideas, but I’m not sure which direction to go in first. I’d love some input here! What would you be most interested in reading?

1. Sinners’ Epilogues – What happened after Backstage Pass? Rock Hard? and the rest of the books in the series. These will have to be released between novels because we don’t want any spoilers to come out before the “real” books. These would be a sort of bonus material written as short stories. I was thinking of writing Brian and Myrna’s honeymoon for the first one. I know what I’d write for Sed and Jessica, too, but can’t reveal that until Rock Hard is released.

2. Sinners’ The Groupie Diaries – Go back to the days when sin ruled the Sinners. No long-term relationships allowed. No happily-ever-afters in sight. Just a whole lot of crazy rocker sex with girls who just want a notch in their bedpost from one (or more) of the Sinners. These would definitely be erotic but not romantic. I worry that readers will get mad at the guys for treating women as objects.

3. Sinners’ Between the Sheets – Shorts stories that expand the books by showing certain scenes in other POVs. Remember when Trey was “playing” with Mark in the bedroom in Backstage Pass? The orgy in the back of the bus with Sed and Eric that Myrna overheard while she and Brian were getting it on against the back of the tour bus? That groupie who claimed Jace was too extreme for her? Fangirls getting their Suxsed backstage passes? Get those scenes first hand from the POV of the character who was involved. I could also do more scenes with Brian and Myrna that weren’t in the book. The laundromat scene, for example.

Those are my ideas so far. I might come up with some others. Or if you have something you’re dying to read about, let me know. No guarantees that you’ll get it, but I’m open to suggestions. Vote below or leave suggestions in the comment section.