Don’t Hate Him Because He’s Gorgeous

30 days until Rock Hard’s release! The countdown continues.

How I picture Sedric Lionheart, except his eyes should be blue!

Tall, dark, and handsome. He’s got the voice, the body, the face, the dimples (I love tough guys with dimples…sigh…), and more cockiness than a hen-house rooster. The hero of Rock Hard is Sedric Lionheart, the lead singer of Sinners and let’s face it, he’s kind of a jerk. If you’ve read Backstage Pass, you know he doesn’t have much respect for women and basically uses them as disposable mattress covers (I stole that from a horrendous review I got for Backstage Pass – ha, love it!). Most guys in his position would behave the same way. He’s single, a rock star at the top of his game, knows his way around the bedroom, and most of his women expect him to behave that way. But does it make him happy? What do you think?

You might also know that Sed is hung up on a certain ex-fiancée, Jessica something-or-other. What is it about her that keeps him awake at night, staring at her picture with regret and longing? And why would she spurn such an utterly gorgeous and talented man? Either she’s a complete idiot or he did something completely unforgivable. Don’t hate him because he’s gorgeous. Hate him because he’s a cocky asshole. Hate him because he always has to have his way. Hate him because he doesn’t know when to shut the hell up. Or love him because once you see what he’s really like, on the inside, he’s pretty fucking irresistible and good and tender and strong (except for that one weakness of his). And sexy. Did I mention sexy? He does this repetitive internal thought thing during sex that… uh… whoa… I lost my train of thought. Time for another cold shower.

For your reading pleasure, the fall of Sedric Lionheart:

Chapter One of Rock Hard

Just click on the link above to read the first chapter. I’ll post more excerpts throughout the month! Sed’s not an asshole the entire book. I promise. He is always possessive though. Which I also find sexy. Sigh…