29 days until this…

…can be yours.

So who is this nearly naked blonde woman on the cover? I have to say, those undies look more like something Myrna would wear in Backstage Pass, and the model’s hair isn’t quite the right color (Jessica’s a strawberry/reddish blonde), but she’s gorgeous. In Rock Hard, Jessica’s beauty is more of a curse than a blessing.

The heroine of Rock Hard, Jessica Chase, is undoubtedly beautiful, but she’s also smart. She’s driven, independent, and a bit of a perfectionist (okay, admittedly she’s more than a “bit” of a perfectionist). She’s also caring. And sexy. She rocks Sed’s world in the sack, and knowing how the guy gets around, that’s saying something. Most importantly, Jessica doesn’t put up with Sed’s bullshit. Sed wouldn’t respect a woman who did and she wouldn’t respect herself.

Every time I hear this song (several times a day… yes, I’m obsessed), it reminds me of how Jessica feels in Chapter One of Rock Hard. This song is called Pieces and it’s by the band “It’s Alive”. I’ve been playing the hell out of it lately. I’m in lurve.

Isn’t this song amazing? Love it! When I do Rock Hard‘s play list, this is definitely going on it. And the way their lead singer screams the chorus? OMG, hawt! *faints*

So what’s Jessica been up to for the past two years? Living it up? Finding love? Getting over Sed, who broke her heart by not believing in her and ripping her into pieces (yeah, that song is perfect!)? Erm… not exactly.

Because Chapter One of Rock Hard is so short, I’ve decided to post Chapter Two, which shows what’s going on in Jessica’s life since she left Sed. I’ll post it tomorrow. But that’s it. No more chapters for the rest of the month.

Well, maybe I’ll post a sex scene.

I haven’t decided yet.