Rock Hard’s Cover Flat & Quote Answers

21 days!

I just got this on Tuesday, so thought I’d share. You can see what the back cover looks like, too!

It’s also time to reveal who said what. The majority got questions 1, 2 & 4 correct, but only a select few figured out question 3.

Question 4. The correct answer is Sed. He says this to Jessica in the back seat of a taxi.

Question 3. The correct answer is Eric. He says this to Jessica when she complains that she can hear everything going on in the tour bus’ bedroom. Who’s in there being noisy? I wonder…

Question 2. The correct answer is Trey. He says this at someone’s wedding. 😉

Question 1. The correct answer is Eric. (Yes, two Eric answers. Ain’t I a stinker?) He says this to Sed after fetching a ticket for one of Sed’s groupies.

So how did you do? Did you get them all right? All wrong? I can see why people thought Brian said number 3. The comment is about his woman, Myrna, after all. 🙂