Blogging at Casablanca Authors’ Blog Today!

I’m blogging at Casablanca Authors’ blog today. I do that about once a month. The romance authors who write for my publisher, Sourcebooks, take turns. It’s a lot of fun. You should check it out.

There’s a Rock Hard excerpt in my post today that involves Sed and Jessica, a bubble bath, and some chocolate mousse. *boots Jessica out of the tub* Share some of that with me, Sed. Ooo, and some of that, too.

Here’s a link: Thanks for Indulging Me

And some random rocker hotness from the ’80s. Do you know who this is? Dayum, he’s fine.


I’d also like to wish my son a happy 18th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Cake for everyone!

And 19 days until the official release of Rock Hard!