Making Progress

How many days until Rock Hard’s official release?  I don’t even know any more. 17? Something like that.

I stayed up much too late writing Appetite for Seduction (working title) last night. I plan on working on it most of the day today, too. I hit my writing zone last night and didn’t want to stop, even though I was so tired I could scarcely hold my head up. I can’t say for sure when I’ll finish it, but I’m thinking a couple of days. That sex scene I wrote last night? Holy hotness! Myrna and Brian are so hot together.

Here’s a sample:

“Make me come, baby. Make my pussy beg for you to fill it.”

“Can I taste it first?”

She didn’t respond, just grabbed two fistfuls of his shoulder-length, black hair and tugged his head between her legs.

He inhaled deeply. “Oh fuck, baby. You smell like sex.”


There’s a great review of Rock Hard posted at Book Lover’s Inc. Yay!

And this morning, I read this review of Rock Hard on Goodreads. I’m kind of emotional right now and it made me cry. Not angry tears (like when I get a particularly nasty review), but happy, happy tears.


Writing is such a solitary endeavor. Knowing that people are reading and enjoying my books means so much to me. I love to hear from you all. Even if it’s just to say “hi”.

I suddenly feel the need to cuddle with Jace.

That’s better.