Naughty Author

I was supposed to write all day yesterday, but I was naughty (and not in a good way). I wrote maybe one sentence. The cursor just sat there blinking at me. Write. Write. Write. It chants. Nope. Wasn’t happening.

I was in a funk all day until I discovered this last night.

DABWAHA Reader Nominations Runner-Ups Once you get there, you have to click on the more, more, more link to see all the categories. Backstage Pass is in the Contemporary category. Score!

I didn’t even know I was nominated. Look who I’m up against! I almost pissed down my leg when I saw this. And then it dawned on me that this was a write-in vote, by readers. That’s enough of a win for me. And I’m in the contemporary category with a debut erotic romance book against mega-bestsellers… Oh, just go look at the list.

Anyway, things like this amaze me.

So, why am I in a funk? My one and only son is leaving for Germany tomorrow for ten days on a school trip. I’m so excited for him. It’s going to be wonderful for him to get out of BFE Nebraska and see the world, but I’m a mother and “worry” is my middle name. This will be the longest we’ve been separated since he was born. I think I’ll be better once he’s actually gone. I’m not sure. Right now I feel scattered. I need to ground myself. “Go to your room!” He just turned 18. He’s a man now. Time to set him free. “Don’t wanna!” He would keel me if he knew I posted this on my blog. LOL!

I’m working on a guest blog post for next week. It’s an interview with the one and only Sed Lionheart. If you could ask him an interview question, what would you ask? Anything! Well, nothing too X-rated. I’ll answer those questions here, but not on a guest blog. Help me out if you would.

16 days until this

will finally be released in ebook form.