Sinners Official Website Updated

15 days until the official release of Rock Hard!

So, I updated Sinners’ Official Website last night.

I hope I didn’t give away any spoilers on the homepage. I tried to be careful with what I said so I didn’t reveal the story, but you can tell some major stuff happens to the band in this one.

I’ve decided to have some fun with the Sinners Ink page. I’ll add more to that soon. When I have time to play with some photos.

Have fun exploring! While you’re there, you should click over to the band members’ chat pages, too. There is some funny stuff over there with fangirls interacting with the band. Nope, I didn’t stage the fangirl stuff. That’s all spontaneous. I love it!

If you didn’t see the version I had up for Backstage Pass, it’s gone forever…

Let me know what you think.