Say What Now?

12 days until Rock Hard!

Yesterday, I worked on writing this:

That’s the final cover, btw. I got sick of working on the cover and figured I should, you know, write the damned thing! Notice I decided to put my name over “Brian’s” lack of bulge. LMAO!

I have three scenes to finish.

1. A sex scene in Brian’s POV

2. A concert scene in Brian’s POV

3. A sex scene in Myrna’s POV

I’m just not feeling the sex scenes this week. (That doesn’t sound right!) So maybe I need to re-read Backstage Pass to get in the mood. It’s been a while since I’ve read it. Over six months. Readers will talk about one scene or another and I don’t even remember some of them. Probably because I’ve edited Rock Hard and wrote both Jace’s and Eric’s books since then. Though it’s brand new to a lot of people, Backstage Pass seems ancient history to me. It’s a strange phenomenon. I’m ready to talk about Eric’s book. That’s the one I just finished and am most excited about. Go Eric! You sweet stud. Pshh, I don’t even know when that book is coming out. I can’t really talk about it, can I? sigh…

I’d love to know which sex scene in Backstage Pass was your favorite. If you’re willing to share. 🙂 I know which one still gets me hot and bothered.