How Important Is Size?

Six more days!  And the paperback version of Rock Hard has sold out on Amazon for the second time (well last I checked, there was one copy left). Is that awesome? Yeah, it frickin’ RAWKS, except I wonder why they stocked so few copies (twice). Did they think it was going to be a flop? Do they not know I’m an incurable tease who does her best to drive Sinners fangirls into a frenzy of lust and need? Probably not. They need to pay better attention.


Pan the camera down, please.

I’ve got a really fun set of interviews with the guys of Sinners scheduled for the end of next month. One of the questions asks Brian and Trey who has the bigger cock. Oh my God. I almost died laughing. I can’t wait to have them answer that question. I love interviewers who aren’t afraid to ask the naughty stuff.


So then I got to thinking (you should be afraid when that happens): How Important Is Size? Not in real life. We don’t want to emasculate real men by making them ashamed of their extra small snausage. It’s fine, guys, really. But in a fictional erotic-romance world, do we need every hero to have something like “The Beast” in their pants? What do you think? Is bigger better? Do you want to read about a hero who is average or smaller-than-average? Do you even pay attention to that kind of thing?

Did I really just ask that on my blog? I must be in a “mood”. Better go write that last sex scene in Appetite for Seduction.

Hell, while I’m being naughty, I’ll put up another poll. Which guy of Sinners do you think has the biggest, thickest slab of meat in his pants? The guys have their rulers out and they’re ready to measure up.

I crack myself up.

In other news, my Kindle arrived in the mail yesterday. I already love it!

My son comes back from Germany tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear about all of his adventures.

Rock Hard got another fabulous review yesterday at Sia McKye’s Thoughts Over Coffee: Rock Hard Review

Life is good. So why am I so damned tired? Too much to do!

*hint: check out the tags for this post*

Oh my, I am in a naughty mood!