Rock Hard Is in the Erotica Spotlight at RT Reviews Today!

4 days!

I’m very excited that Rock Hard is in the Spotlight at RT Book Reviews today. It’s on the homepage, but won’t be there long, so if you go there any day but today, it probably won’t be there. Here’s the main link:

Ever wonder why Sed is the hero in the second book? It’s here in the message from the author (that would be moi!). This link should stay live indefinitely…

Want to read a never before posted excerpt? It’s here:

Want to enter a giveaway? It’s here on the right hand side of the page.

You have to enter by email. Ends April 11th.

And if you have a subscription to RT Reviews, you can read the review here:

Sorry to link and run, but I’m having a busy day! And my son has been stuck in Atlanta for two days (he’s supposed to be home from his trip to Germany), so I’m a little stressed out. He should be home this evening. Hopefully!

Have a great Monday!