Got Sex?

3 more days…

I say it’s time to post a sex scene from Rock Hard on my Sinners Excerpts blog.

The hard part is figuring out which one to post. Yeah, there are more than one. Many more.

Let’s go with this one: Sex Above the City

I also need to post the results of the “Who Has the Biggest Love-Hammer?” poll.

The majority of voters got this one right. Good job, Sinners’ fan girls.

Yep. It’s Jace. Little man isn’t “little” at all. 😉

Brian’s 10-inch Love-Piston comes next. *pun totally intended*

And the rest of the guys of Sinners have more than enough to satisfy a lady (and/or a man in a certain someone’s case) and they definitely know how to use it.

I got this fabulous 5-star review yesterday: Happy Ever After

And I can get some sleep now. My son is safely home from Germany. I’ve been a total zombie for two weeks.