Murphy’s Law

2 days!

Yesterday was Tuesday. I know that’s a strange announcement to make, but Tuesdays are the WORST day of the week for me. Here’s a sample of my schedule on Tuesdays.

6:30 alarm goes off

6:30.1 hit the snooze

6:40 drag self from bed (have I ever mentioned I’m not a morning person? Jace and I are kindred spirits)

shower, etc.

7:00 get kid out of bed and into shower

7:10 drink breakfast (cup of hot tea), make kid breakfast, try to check email (internet has crashed – router is being a PITA)

hair & makeup, etc. (have I ever mentioned we have one tiny bathroom = morning nightmare)

8:05 scrape ice off car

8:10 drop kid at school, drive to work

8:30 try to prepare for class, get interrupted by students who are absent, students who are going to be absent, students who were absent and need to make up stuff, colleagues who need something, bosses who need something, and students complaining that I’m behind on grading

9:30 – 11 teach a lecture on muscle physiology

11 try to grade papers, get interrupted by *see above*

11:15 eat my microwavable Santa Fe rice while checking personal email, answer blog requests, review requests, publicist, agent, check in on my blog, read new reviews – my first mediocre ones – three of them. All on a Tuesday. Thanks for that. Might as well pile on the suck.

11:30 try to get ready for my afternoon class, get interrupted by *see above*

12:30 – 2 – teach a lecture on acid/base balance and start one on digestive system

2:30 pick up kid from school – OH LOOK, road construction had closed the road on my regular route and I have to drive through town (yay, I forget my Kindle so have nothing to do while waiting for kid)

2:45 try to check email, internet at home is still down, but I’ve got a present on the porch. My Sinners mugs have arrived. They are sooooo cool. Hot? Try to fix internet. Beat the crap out of a router.

3:10 back into the car, gotta go back in to work

3:30 -4:45 meeting at work about how they are completely changing the computer system and making our life hell

5 – I’m at Wendy’s getting some dinner. Mmmm. This baked potato is nummins. (the highlight of my day…)

5:10 while scarfing dinner and trying to interact with the kid I haven’t seen in 2 weeks, finish writing guest blog post for Friday

5:40 – back into the car, gotta go back in to work. again

6 – 9:10 pm – teach my independent study class, try to grade papers in between students needing test, students needing labs, answering students questions

9:10 – I know my internet is down and blogger is expecting blog post for friday, so email it from work

9:30 pm – HOME! My son got the internet working. (Bless him.) What am I going to put on my blog tomorrow?  I know, I’ll take pictures of my new Sinners’ mugs.

Spend next hour and a half trying to get camera software loaded on computer. Computer crashes. Okay, I give up.

While the computer is being a piece of crap, I’ll go check on my favorite peeps on Oh, Gather is down for site maintanance tonight. Niiiiiiice.

11:20 – go to bed…

Do you see why I hate Tuesdays? I will never mention them again, but know that they exist for me EVERY week and I’m exhausted on Wednesday.

Hopefully, I’ll get the pictures of the mugs posted tomorrow!