10 Years in My One Track Mind

First, I want to thank all my fans for making the release day for Rock Hard far exceed my expectations. I was glued to Amazon all day watching Rock Hard climb up the sales-rank chart. Damned statistics are addictive. Rock Hard peaked at #10 on the Erotica charts and #85 on the Contemporary charts. I was so excited, I think my family and friends considered having me committed.

Second, I want to share a few songs from a band I adore. 10 years. I have yet to see them live in concert. I almost went to see them about a month ago, but the concert was 3 hours away and they were an opening band (which means a short set list). I had seen both of the headlining bands, so decided not to go. I hope they come back to this area. I’d really like to see them.

I plan to put their song “Fix Me” on my Rock Hard Playlist, but they don’t have a video of that song. It fits Jessica and Sed perfectly. It’s not my favorite song of theirs, though. My favorite is “Shoot It Out”. I might have to put this on a Playlist, too. I love the energy of it and it kind of fits with the book. If I warp the meaning of the lyrics juuuust a little. LOL!

One thing I like about 10 Years is that their sound can vary quite a bit from one song to the next. “Wasteland” is more of a ballad, but it’s absolutely awesome. Love this song, too!

Another slower song of theirs is “Beautiful”.

I do like their slower songs, but “Shoot It Out” is still my favorite. What are you listening to today?