And the Winners Are…

There were 46 entries into the Sinners Mug giveaway! Yay!

And the winners are…

So I’m really excited about something! In fact, I was so excited that I took a screen shot and posted it on Facebook fan page, which links to my twitter account. This is freakin’ amazing. Thanks to everyone who bought (or downloaded) either/both of my books. If this keeps up I might be able to quit my day job and then I’ll be cranking out a book every other month. LOL!

Amazon Screen Shot 4/8

Both of my books are #1 erotica in the Kindle store. Isn’t that cool? Well, I think it is. I’m proud of my books. Good job, books! *pats books on the back*

Back to the Sinners Mug drawing. So this is how I chose the winners: I typed all the entrants into a list, alphabetized it, numbered it, and then went to a random number generator to pick the winners. It spit out #22 and #42. Which just so happened to be…

Another cool thing going on in the land of Sinners. A fan has started a yahoo group called Sin_girlz. You should join and chat with other shameless Sinners’ fangirls about the guys, the books, whatever else floats your boat.

Oh yeah, the winners…

Ginger R.


Tracey D.

I’ll send you both an email to let you know you won and get your mailing address.

If you didn’t score a hot Sinners Mug, there will be three more chances to win soon!

Next weekend I’ll be participating in a blog hop and there will be two mugs up for grabs then. You’ll enter that contest here on my blog.

The first week of May is Sinners Week at As the Pages Turn and I’ll be giving away two mugs that week. Heh, Sinners get their own week. I think it should be a national holiday and we should all get paid vacation. Contact your Congress member. Hee hee, I said “member”.

And Saturday, May 7th, I’ll be doing a book signing at Village Books in Columbia, Missouri and you can enter to win a mug there. Oh and I’ll sign your book. Maybe give you a Sinners’ calendar magnet and a cool Appetite for Seduction postcard. And any other swag I have lying around.