Week Two Blog Tour

I have a BUSY week on my blog tour this week. I hope you’ll join me!

On Monday, I’ll be two places. At RomCon’s Contemporary blog serving up a Recipe for a Band. Noms! And at Cari Quinn’s (fabulous author, total sweetheart, and Sinners lover) blog for an interview.

On Tuesday, I’ll be at Romance Fiction on Suite 101, discussing my feelings on the whole Erotic Romance vs. Erotica debate. Rock Hard giveaway!

On Wednesday, I have another interview at That’s What I’m Talking About. Rock Hard giveaway!

On Thursday, I’ll be at My Overstuffed Bookshelf talking about Building Sed Lionheart. Rock Hard giveaway!

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I’m participating in a blog hop, here on my own blog. Sinners mug giveaway! And maybe some autographed books and postcards. I haven’t decided what all I’m giving away yet!


I hope to see you each day this week, but you definitely need to check out Thursday’s post. Here’s a preview:

Happy Sunday!